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New reverse blowing bag filter

I General

With the increasing of the requirement of energy conservation and emission reduction for the gas treatment industry by the country, the old reverse blowing filter equipped with the gas treatment system in most of the domestic smelter can meet the environmental protection requirement of our country.

Under this background and with the recent years of research and practice, our company develops the new reverse blowing bag filter. The old reverse blowing filter can be updated and transformed with the existing main exhausting fan and steel structure.

The index after the treatment can meet the standard requirement of our country. This also saves lots of investment cost and operation cost for the smelter.

II Composition of filter

The filter is composed of lower casing, upper press sleeve, lower press sleeve, purification chamber, dedusting and flow adjusting device, Fluoride absorber, reverse blowing bag, bag cage and W hopper, etc.

III Application

Baotou East Hope

Filter transformation

Yugang Longquan Aluminium Co., Ltd.

Filter transformation