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I General

The new low-consumption and high-efficiency bag filter, launched by our company in the recent years, is the advanced dry gas/fume treatment center. It absorbed the advanced technique from home and aboard in this area with addition of new technology gaining during the long time fabrication and practice. This type filter has the innovating frame. With the same filtration area, the advantage lies in small volume, less one-time investment, high filtration efficiency, low inspection and maintenance, low consumption and long service life of the bag, etc. This is the quite advanced dry purification filter for now.

The filter internal has rational combination to make the air flow evenly distributed in the filter and increase the dedusting and defluorination efficiency. The damage to the bag is minimum. The bag cage supporting the bag is specially manufactured. The deformation of the cage is small and the friction coefficient of the cage and bag is controlled in the minimum range. The service life of the bag extends more than 1year.

The filter automatic control system can automatically detect the thickness of the dust on the bag surface, equipment operation resistance, damage bag of each unit, dust emission, working condition of the pulse valve. In addition, the absorbed material at the filter inlet can be automatically and evenly distributed.

This filter is multiple units and combined type. The user can select the number of unit configuration according to the gas/fume to be treated. This filter is widely applied in metallurgy, chemical industry, construction materials and light industry, etc and especially in nonferrous industry and gas treatment. It effectively controls the emission of fluorine and dust.

II Composition of filter

Filter is mainly composed of : upper box, tube sheet, blowing pipe, air-manifold, pulse valve, filter bag, bag cage, lower box, hopper, efficient HF rotation multiple points reactor, two-way turbulent HF reactor, broad-type HF fluorine absorption device, air inlet and outlet, etc.

Bag cage


Tube sheet cut by laser cutting machine



III Domestic and overseas application

Canadian Kitimat Smelter   420KA, 450Kt/a


Iceland IPU Project   300KA,160 Kt/a


Zhongwang Group Aluminum Smelter, Yingkou City,Liaoning Province

500KA  430kt/a